Black Country Geopark rocks

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In the summer of 2020, UNESCO welcomed the Black Country into the network of Global Geoparks as a place with internationally important geology, because of its cultural heritage and the active partnerships committed to conserving, managing and promoting it. 

This means the Black Country is now on a par with UNESCO Global Geoparks in countries stretching from Brazil to Canada and Iceland to Tanzania.

Geopark status recognises the many world-class natural and important cultural features in the Black Country and how they come to tell the story of the landscape and the people that live within it. 

In the case of the Black Country, the significant part it played in the industrial revolution was at the heart of the bid. More than forty varied geosites have been selected so far within the geopark that tell its story as a special landscape but more will be added as the Geopark develops.In the summer of 2020, UNESCO welcomed the Black Country into the network of worldwide geoparks.


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Black Country Geopark

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