February events and activities with Sandwell Museums


February at Sandwell Musueums

Our sites are closed to general visitors from January until March 30th for our winter deep clean, maintenance, painting, planning and redisplay. We do have a number of activities to banish the winter blues during our closed period including activities for school holidays, early years (TAM - tots in museums)  and AIM (adults in museums). 

Later winter with Sandwell Museums - February

Volunteer open days – our people supporting our places

Drop in to our sites at the times below, have a cuppa and a biscuit and find out how you could volunteer for Sandwell Museums and make a difference to your community.

Bromwich Hall Tuesday 27 February 11am-3pm

Wednesbury Museum and Art Gallery Wednesday 28 February 11am – 3pm

Haden Hill House Museum 29 February 11am – 3pm

When booking is required for events.

If booking is required for an event or activity we will say so in the description.

Where booking is required then click link to book your tickets https://www.ticketsource.co.uk/sandwell-museums-and-arts


Bromwich Hall Museum

February Half Term at  Bromwich Hall

Chinese New Year – 12 February. 11am-3pm. Make your own paper dragon, find out your Chinese zodiac sign and what it means, decorate a money envelope (called hóngbāo), Ron Popple, one of our favourite children’s entertainers will be making balloon of the 12 zodiac animals. No need to book, just drop in

TAM (Tots at Museums) – 13 February and 20 February. Drop in and enjoy our early years session in collaboration with Creative Black Country and early years practitioners between 10.30am and 1:30pm with crafts and activities for families with early years children. B

National Nest Box Week  – Our green space. 14 February 11am-3ppm. The grounds at Bromwich Hall are full of wildlife and are a real green lung for the local area. Explore nature with us - Put together and decorate a wooden nest box and filling with shredded newspaper, spot different birds in our grounds and tick them off on a checklist, plant a nasturtium seed and take it home with you. Just drop in, a small charge for making bird boxes and planting seeds.  

AIM – adults in museums at Bromwich Hall

LEGENDARY WOMEN – THE POWER BEHIND THE THRONE – 1 March. A talk for adults by Damian. More details to follow booking with be required through ticketsource

Candle Making session – Warm Welcome and Cosy Corners. 27 February 10:30am-1:30pm. Book onto our candle making session at Bromwich Hall and banish the winter blues. In conjunction with Creative Black Country. Booking essential and available soon at Ticketsource.


Haden Hill House Museum 

We love our place! Half term fun at Haden Hill House. 14,15,16 February. 11am-3pm. It is Valentines week so fill in our heart and tell us what you love about your places – home, school, the park, Haden Hill House! Also enjoy our fantastic craft activities and trails. Just drop in, free entry but a small charge for some activities.

Gr8 Stuff Soap Making. (AIM – adults in museums) 22 February. 10:30am-1:30pm. Enjoy one of our warm welcome and cosy corner days for adults and book onto our Soap Making session. Booking will be essential and available soon at Ticketsource.

A Warm Welcome at Haden Hill House. 22 February – 28 March, Thursdays 11am-1pm. Banish the winter blues and pop in and enjoy a cuppa and a chat with a warm welcome from our Friends group on Thursdays at Haden Hill House. Just drop in, please note the house isn’t open to look around.

TAM - Tots at Museums. 29 February 10.30am-1:30pm. Just drop in for our special warm welcome and cosy corner sessions for our youngest visitors with activities for pre-school children with our early years practitioners. In conjunction with Creative Black Country. 


Wednesbury Museum and Art Gallery

Valentine crafts and trails. Half term fun.14 February, 11am-2pm. Drop into Wednesbury Museum and enjoy a variety of craft activities and trails. A small charge for crafts.

Chinese New Year. Half term fun. 15 February. 11am-2pm. Enjoy our craft activities to celebrate Chinese New Year, make a hat, decorate a plate and try your hand at Chinese writing. Also enjoy our gallery trail. Just drop in, small charge for craft activities.

Cosy Corner Candle Making. (AIM -Adults in Museums) 21 February. 10:30am-1:30pm. Banish the winter blues and book onto our candle making session at Wednesbury Museum in conjunction with Creative Black Country. Booking is essential and will be available soon at Ticketsource.

Cosy Corner, TAMTots at Museums. 22 February. 10:30am-1:30pm.  Banish the winter blues and drop in for our fantastic session for our youngest visitors with our early years practitioners in conjunction with Creative Black Country with crafts and activities. 


Oak House Museum

Snowdrops! Our place and the first flowers of the year. Tuesdays from 23 January until 27 February 11am-3pm. Visit the grounds of Oak House, take a walk around and enjoy our fantastic snowdrop display. Please note the house isn’t open. Just drop in, free entry.

Flowers.13, 14 and 15 February 11am-3pm. It’s half term so enjoy our flower themed craft activities and trails and plant a seed. Visit and explore the Oak House. Entry is free, just drop in. There is a charge for craft activities.


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February events and activities with Sandwell Museums

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